Atom AIRLIFT® Leaf Blowers -- Professional performance blowers at affordable prices

Atom Hand Blowers

855 4-Stroke

High Performance Gasoline 4-Stroke

Atom enhanced Honda GX25, low emission and fuel saving engine


Gasoline 2-Stroke 835
Atom 2-Stroke “enhanced” engine with extra power and performance superior to 95% of other brands available
Gasoline 4-Stroke 855
Honda GDX25, 25cc 4-Stroke engine with “enhanced” hot weather operating and starting system up to 420c

  • Very, very easy to start and run
  • Atom’s experience selling tens of thousands of Honda engines enforces their recognition of the high quality and endurance of Honda engines

Vacuum Attachment


Gutter Attachment


Sprayer Attachment


  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are very easy to start
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are fitted with Atom’s patent pending SMARTFAN® delivering more air than other Blowers
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers are fitted with anti-vibration handle, cruise control, superior air filter systems and many other features
  • Atom AIRLIFT® Blowers with optional vacuum, sprayer or gutter attachments. A very useful 4 in 1 tool.

Supplied with each unit

Extension Tube

Fish Tail Nozzle

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Atom has produced another outstanding product – the ATOM AIRLIFT® BLOWER (Pats Pend.)

The AIRLIFT® 855 powered by Honda 4-Stroke engine sets a new benchmark in hand blower design; very lightweight, very user friendly and with a massive air blast from Atom’s new technology SMARTFAN® design. That’s why it was awarded an International Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions & Technology in Geneva, Switzerland.

Never before has such an advanced and massive air blast blower been available to the Lawn & Garden Industry – and proudly Australian designed and made!