Atom Lawn Edgers

Atom Lawn Edgers are Australian designed and made, and Atom is Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest selling brand. More Atom Edgers are used any day than any other. Available from Lawn and Garden Equipment service dealers who will give you personal service and product knowledge to guarantee a long life and reliable running products.

You may pay a little more for Atom product but you, as a customer, are not forgotten. Atom has been servicing and assisting their nationwide dealer network since 1967 and supporting hundreds of thousands of different Atom products to obtain long life and reliability. The trust in Atom can be viewed in its history.

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Awarded Gold Medal

Atom Lawn Edgers
Winners Gold Medal at International
Inventions & Technology Exhibition
Geneva, Switzerland

Awarded Gold Medal

Atom Premium Lawn Edgers

  • Australia and NZ No.1 selling lawn edgers
  • No carrying
  • Light-in-weight, very quiet in operation
  • Strong robust construction and long life
  • Long Lasting 4-blade cutting system
  • Cuts neat edges everywhere
  • Edges round corners, curbs and gutters
  • Environmentally friendly due to speed of job completion, low energy consumption, economical 4-blade cutting system
  • Safety features throughout
  • Solid steel precision ground fully enclosed main drive shaft and ball bearings
    (no belts)


  1. Trigger switch control with safety interlock.
  2. Strong steel tube handle bars.
  3. Automatic safety clutch with padding clutch shoes. Fully enclosed solid steel precision drive shaft ( No belts).
  4. Easy lifting carrying handle. Light to pick up and carry. Easily transferable in the boot of your car.
  5. Position 6 position height adjustment.
  6. Edge Guide.
  7. Exclusive 4-blade cutting system. Longest hardened spring steel blades for smoother operation, longer life and neater cutting.
  8. Constant height spring return pivoting debris deflector.
  9. Very manoeuvrable large 150mm (6") wheel.
  10. Fully enclosed blades guard.
  11. Handles Cross brace for extra stability.
  12. Air Cushioned rubber handles on models 481,458,561,585.
  13. Anti-vibration 7 point system on professional models 561 & 585.

Motor Specifications

  • 438 Domestic 2-Stroke
    Atom 26cc 2-Stroke 26FC-5 full crank commercial engine
  • 458 Deluxe Domestic
    Atom 2-Stroke 26cc HPE high performance commercial engine.
  • 481 Deluxe Domestic
    Honda 25cc GX25 4-Stroke engine.No fuel mixing. Very easy starting.
  • 561 Professional Honda
    4-Stroke 35cc
    With anti-vibration handle system. No fuel mixing. Very easy starting. Full rubber tyre with sealed ball bearings commercial wheel.
  • 585 Super-Professional
    Mitsubishi TLE 48cc 2-Stroke stratified head low emission fuel efficient engine. With anti-vibration handle system. Very powerful. Full rubber tyre with sealed ball bearings commercial wheel.

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Atom has a policy of continuous product improvement and development and reserves the right to change design and appearance of products without notice.