Finally a Two Stroke Leaf Blower that bloody works!!

Subject: Atom Blower

Gday Atom Industries,

       just wanted to say your two stroke leaf blower which I purchased today from my local supplier - Woolgoolga Mowers, at Woolgoolga NSW, does a great job.

       We have a fair area of concrete path and driveway to clear of leaves and have always struggled with other blowers not lifting the leaves from the path.Instead of going to Bunnings I called Woolgoolga Mowers and they recommended the 838 blower, so thought I would give it a go.

       Wish I had tried it years ago, the job which used to take me half hour took about 10 minutes. It has a lot more power than our previous blowers and moves the leaves much easier and quicker. My wife said its a lot quieter also, which the neighbours will be happy about.

       Anyway, thanks for a blower that finally works well.

Mullaway, NSW

Absolutely Amazing Atom

Subject: Atom Blower

Dear Atom,

       My Atom Airlift blower is even better than what the dealer said it was.

       Its air blasting power is fantastic which allows me to clean up in half the time of my previous well-known brand of blower. And your Atom blower is so easy to use.

       Also it is nice to know that it is home grown Australian made that is miles ahead of the rest of the imported blowers from around the world.

       Your Atom blower is absolutely as amazing product.

Ian Dowling

I wouldn’t part with my 15 year old Atom Edger

Subject: Piston rings


    Hi my name is Michael and I have emailed around part dealers and local dealers. The biggest dealer is All mower spares, located in NSW, and they don't seem to have the part. I have an Atom edger Model 410. I need a new set of piston rings for it – JUST piston rings – not the piston itself. I have had this edger for about 15 years and it hasn’t done me wrong. I have been using the right ratio 32:1 with shell 91 and it has been commercially used. Nothing has gone wrong with it and it has been a marvel to use and I dont want to throw it out please. Reply ASAP.

Kind regards

Subject: RE: Piston rings


    Sorry I did not get back to you on the arrival of the assembly. I am exstremely thankful for your kind help finding the part that I would need to fix my edger up and I am really happy that it all works well now and I can edge my lawns that I do.

    You are a good bunch of people and if I ever needed a edger again I would definitely by it from you guys and if you would like to use my testimonial for your website you can use it. It’s all fine with me. Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards

Miraculous conversion after trying new Atom blower

Subject: Query from website


    I’m writing to you regarding a new blower that I have recently purchased from a local dealer in my area. For the last 30 years i have been using either Stihl or Honda products and have had excellent service out of them. For the last 10 years I\'ve been using Honda 4 stroke blowers and brushcutters. All have been faultless.

    I recently needed a new blower and went to purchase a new Honda. I noticed your product on the shelf but wasn\'t interested in it despite the dealer wanting to demonstrate it to me. I was only interested in the product I\'ve always used and didn\'t want anything to do with your product.

    As I was just about to purchase my new Honda blower, the dealer started your product up and told me to have a feel of it. I didn\'t want to but I thought \"why not\". I had no intentions purchasing it. To my surprise your blower performed so much better than any previous one I\'ve ever used. The non twisting action that is in all the other blowers is far less. The anti vibration design is excellent. All this and combined with the proven Honda motor sold me on the spot. I immediately changed my mind and purchased your Blower instead.

    I congratulate you on your new improved design blower and I have now been converted. I have a second blower at my other property which is also a Honda, but I think I\'ll be changing that in the very near future to an Atom Blower.

Mark Matheson

Our proud record of customer satisfaction

Subject: Lawn Edger

Atom is proud of its service and customer satisfaction level, which goes back many years. From an early letter of appreciation, magnificently hand-written on special paper to a recent email from a thankful customer.
Atom is dedicated to keeping up excellent service and customer satisfaction standards.


     I have for many years used and admired my Atom Lawn Edger (Electric 301). Just yesterday what I would describe as the ‘metal wear plate’, (underneath the machine), broke and fell off due to wear.

     I have made a replacement but have not tested it as yet, so my purpose in contacting you is to find out if a replacement is available if needed, and if so, where in Hobart Tas. area I would be able to purchase it.

     My Atom is only a bit over 12 years old, so I am not complaining, Haha

Yours Sincerely
Graeme Nossiter

Subject: Thanks re. Lawn Edger

To all concerned.

     I feel compelled to write something after receiving my mail today, included in which was included a parcel containing the part I enquired about a few days ago.

     I find it hard to remember any Company ever doing anything like this for me.

     OK, it would not be considered to be a “Rolls Royce” article, but I value it very much.

     Suffice to say you have restored my faith in Human Nature, and you have made an 84 y/old Aussie extremely happy.

     Many thanks and good luck to all concerned

Yours Sincerely
Graeme Nossiter