Customer Warranty


Use of non-genuine parts during Warranty period voids warranty.

Do not use the following type of Edger Blades on Atom Lawn Edgers, due to:
Heavy mass weight, thickness of blade / out of balance, warping creating vibration and overloading of the gear mechanism of Atom Edgers.

The above blades do not absorb shock, which is taken by the Edger gear system and subsequent damage.

Atom twin Cross Blades absorb shock and excessive loading and have been proven over 15 years not to damage the Edger gear system.

Beware of blades advertised as Atom blades, or superseded by, replaces etc being passed off as Atom genuine blades.

All model Atom Edger blades are supplied in a sealed white plastic pack branded ATOM with clear instructions on “How to Fit” and promoting Atom products on the reverse side. Any other packaging not as above is not an Atom product. Non packed Atom blades are not a genuine Atom product.

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