Drill Attachments For Chainsaws - converts most chainsaws into a high powered automatic reverse drilling machine for drilling holes in the hardest timbers.

  1. Auger stop handle (1) held with left hand and chainsaw handle (2) with right hand. Any sudden twist or auger jamming automatically places auger bit into neutral gear. Operator can then pull back and auger will reverse and be cleared from hole.
  2. Unbreakable body with precision 5 axis numerical controlled steel cut reversable gears and bearing system.(3)
  3. Unique self locking auger collar. Better than clutches or other methods.(4)
  4. Cutterless chain drive cover.(5)

Easy way to select your Atom drill attachment for your chainsaw.

  1. If you know the saw chain pitch of chainsaw to be fitted refer to column (B). Make your selection and quote model number adjacent in column (A).
  2. If you do not know saw chain pitch, measure tips of two drive links of your saw chain (See fig 1) against chain pitch gauge in fig 2.
  3. To check whether chain is 3/8. or 3/8LP (low profile, Picco*) check cutting teeth height with gauge in fig 3.
  A B      
Professional Model
Low gearing best for professional, fencing, drilling large diameter holes
More holes have been drilled in fence posts, bridge and building work in rural Australia than any other brand.
Pitch Gear
Head Size
RRT Price
incl gst
37584 3/8 11:1 7584 50/60cc AU$485 ADD TO CART
37585 0.404 10:1 7585 40/60cc AU$485 ADD TO CART
37586 0.325 11:1 7586 30/50cc AU$485 ADD TO CART
37587 3/8LP 11:1 7587 30/50cc AU$485 ADD TO CART
  1. New Product International Orange Field Day
  2. Australian Design
    Award No. 208
  3. Power Equipment
    Magazine Product
    of the Year

Continuously manufactured and upgraded since 1962

*PICCO reg.trade mark – STIHL


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