Honda engines are fantastic engines but due to a recent problem by a dealer’s customer we again advise dealers that all Honda GX-25 engines used by ATOM are modified by ATOM to suit ATOM products as follows –

Atom Lawn Edger and Tillers

Honda aluminium clutches and aluminium fan covers are discarded and replaced by ATOM with heavy duty unbreakable clutches, and unbreakable high impact glass reinforced polyamide fan covers.

If for any reason unit is damaged (eg run over when backing car), under no circumstances are Honda aluminium fan cover or Honda clutches to be used as replacement parts for the Atom machine because those Honda parts will fail and cause severe damage, which is what happened with the above Dealer’s customer.

Exit Mufflers

Please note for Atom, Honda supplies us side exhaust exit mufflers and for these Atom GX-25 engines the code is SATM (or SAT2).

Honda’s rear exit exhaust mufflers for brushcutters GX-25 engine code is SUT, and these are not suitable for use on Atom Lawn Edgers or Tillers due to the exhaust blowing back onto the operator as well as the issues of Honda aluminium clutch and fan cover.

Atom AIRLIFT 855 Leaf Blowers

Honda’s carburettor manifolds are discarded and replaced with Atom’s enhanced manifolds which prevents carburettor overheating and allows the blower to be used PROFESSIONALLY and in excessive temperatures up to 42°C

The Honda manifold is not to be used as the carburettor can overheat in 28 degree or more temperatures and the engine will be hard to start and run, especially if used in a professional manner. Always use the Atom carburettor manifold for trouble free use.