Tillers - Home Garden Use

Do you need a good, reliable tiller for your garden? Atom Tillers not only till and cultivate your soil, but can mulch garden leaves and waste into a high quality, ready-to-use mulch.

Mainly used for home gardens, Atom tillers can be used elsewhere, such as tilling under grape vine wire strands, loosening up hardened chicken manure in chicken sheds and breaking up hard sand crusts in golf sand bunkers.They are not suitable for tilling hard, stony, clay or virgin ground nor ground covered with heavy grass or vines. Atom Tillers
are designed to work on soil workable with hand tools.

All models are easy to use, light to pick up and carry and extremely strong.They are easily transportable in the boot of your car.

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Atom Tillers

All models are available in industry standard 4 tine width (230mm or 9") and extra wide 6 tine (330mm or 13") wide configuration.



  1. Trigger switch control with safety interlock.
  2. Strong steel tube handle bars.
  3. Automatic safety clutch
  4. Easy lifting carrying handle.Light to pick up and carry.
  5. Six position height adjustment.
  6. Easy single action knob release to detach tine guard
  7. Self-sharpening, multi function extra wide tines
  8. Side skirts to minimize dirt spray
  9. Reinforced high strength casing (Pat. Pending)
  10. Handles Cross brace for extra stability.

Motor Specifications

  • 738 Atom 2-Stroke 26FC-5 commercial petrol engine
    Atom 26cc 2-Stroke full crank petrol engine.
  • 756 Deluxe Honda 4-Stroke
    Honda 25cc GX25 4-Stroke petrol engine.No fuel mixing.Very easy starting.
  • 758 Deluxe Atom 2-Stroke
    Atom 26HPE high performance commercial engine. Atom designed and made.
Awarded Gold Medal

Atom Tillers
Winners Gold Medal at International
Inventions & Technology Exhibition
Geneva, Switzerland

Awarded Gold Medal